Where: Tenerife T3
When: March 12-18  2017
Age: Masters and Youth
Coaches: Glen Christiansen and Bo Hultén
No of swimmers: 20

Camp Glen - March 2017

Camp of March 2017

The official T-3 photo of Camp March 2017

Camp of March 2017

Laszlo Cseh, Coach Glen Christiansen, Adam Peaty and Coach Bo Hultén - Marchcamp 2017

Swimmer of the day - Camp March 2017
Henrik Johansson-Berlin SWE

Swimmer of the day - Camp March 2017
Agnes Webb GBR
Susanne Rogge GER

Swimmer of the day - Camp March 2017
Frauke Labarre GER

Swimmer of the day - Camp March 2017
Ken Bailey GBR

Swimmer of the day - Camp March 2017
Suzanne Maidment GBR

Swimmer of the day - Camp March 2017
Robert Jacubek SWE

Swimmer of the day - Camp March 2017
Mohammed Abu Gebba EGY

Swimmer of the day - Camp March 2017
Oliver Kaluscha GER

Camp March 2017

Camp March 2017

Camp March 2017 T3 Tenerife

Info about March Camp 2017

Dear all….
                Not long to go anymore and the camp will be starting in March… this is why I would like to give you some information before you arrive, so in case there are questions open about organizing your transfer from and to the airport, details around the day by day in the hotel and training center, etc., l might be able to give you answers to those….
                Glen will be assisted by a dear friend of his, Bo Hulten, who swam his last final in 100 m breast stroke in 1972, just when Glen was swimming his first final in the same competition Swedish Nationals. Since then Bo has been active as a coach in elite swimming and master swimming, commenting professionally sports events in Swedish television, also being speaker for the Swedish Championships and Olympic Games, and in 2000 he founded the leading website in swimming www.simma.nu. So it will be a pleasure and an honor at the same time to count on his professional help being at your service during the camp.
For your information, I attach the details of the camp with the various room reservations and the camp schedules. You will be training from 0900-1100 and then again 1600-1800. This means that those getting up early can hook up with Glen for a run on the beach promenade and then have breakfast before going up to T3. Also does Glen offer warm up training which usually is organized in the gym on the 3rd floor.
On the second sheet you will find the information day by day who will be arriving and leaving as well as participating in the camp. Those who see they arrive on the same day or leave on the same day might be interested in sharing a tax. So if this is the case let me know and I’ll put you in touch exchanging e-mail addresses.
From some of you, I have arrival or departure schedules, from others I did not find information in our mail correspondence. So if you want to go and complete or resend (because I did not see it), I am more than happy to receive all information over the following days and weeks up to when the camp starts. This information helps me to instruct the hotel preparing cold lunches or dinners, when you arrive outside the normal restaurant opening times, or to leave you a cold breakfast when leaving the hotel very early.
For your information about transfer airport – hotel and back, here various links to organize your transfers:
-        A taxi should cost you around 36 – 40 € one way. You can order one in case you wish to do so with this link: http://www.officialtaxitenerife.com/formreserva.cfm?idioma=eng.
-        For those who would like to pick alternative solutions, I can give you a link with a shuttle service collecting people and offering good prices: http://www.shuttletenerife.com/meTrans/resultados.
-        And for those rather using public transport, count with about 4 – 5 € from the airport to the hotel. From the south airport you need to get on the bus line 111 or 450 with direction to Costa Adeje to the final station. Here you need to change to bus 416 which will stop right in front of Hotel Jardín Caleta. This way could take you up to an hour or a bit more, depending on the connection you get with the busses.
In the prices you paid are included the accommodation in Hotel HOVIMA Jardín Caleta together with full board (unless you booked a different hotel or a different boarding) and you have included with it mineral water or a soft drink. Wine, beer, etc., needs to be paid separate. Glen would usually indicate a recommended schedule for breakfast, lunch and dinner in accordance to the training times, and the hotel deals to have a table or group of tables prepared for your group to avoid waiting times in front of the restaurant (this only works if you are pretty in-time with the meal times given to the hotel).
In case you need to do some further shopping, food, drinks, etc., you will find a small supermarket just in the same building of the hotel. Nevertheless in front of Hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace in the small commercial center you will find a supermarket with better bargain prices and probably also a wider range of goods. This is a 5 – 7 minutes’ walk from Hotel Jardín Caleta.
I also could recommend places to go, but I know that Glen will keep you more than busy, and probably after the whole day training, most of you will not do more than just wanting to rest…. Ah, this in change brings me to another point… in occasions I hear that sometimes it is difficult to get appointments with our colleagues Pietro Rossi and Max Cook to have massages or physiotherapeutic treatments.
So if you want to make sure to get your spot, you can write me and we will book this up-front for you. The tariff is of 32,00 € / 30 minutes and should be paid with our reception staff.
Mentioning before the training times… please have in mind that although the sun warms a lot in the winter months, still once it goes down, the air is a bit chilly and it might especially after the evening training. So make sure to bring along a sweater or a light jacket and maybe a hood or cap to cover your ears. We don’t want you to get sick and loose Glen’s training sessions.
                The company you will be having this year in the pool during the camp is pretty “master” to name it in a way, as for the first time we will be having a part from Glen’s camp another master group from Germany organizing themselves, but also a group of German master swimmers coached by Manfred Thiesmann (the former coach of the German National Team). Also will we have the German club SV Halle here with some young swimmers and along with them Frank Embacher who was last coach of the German record swimmer Paul Biedermann. A small group from the Estonian Swimming Federation will be around, as well as several German triathletes. And last but not least a British swim team Loughborough National bringing to our pool Adam Peaty who won the Gold Medal in 100 m breast stroke during the Olympic Games in 2016 (which might interest very much our dear Glen J).
Looking forward to having you all over here soon.
Sunny regards from the island…