Let me be your PT - Personal Trainer

If you want to improve your tecnique fast, and want to get all the attention and tips personalized just for you, then personal training is the way to go. Regardless if you are a new beginner, an athletic triathlet or just someone who feels you should give yourself the chance to learn crawl once in your life.

Contact me, to go through you plans, visions, demands and dreams, and together we make out a plan for making it happen! Being able to focus on your individual needs for improvement and guiding you towards perfection is the best way for getting your swimming going ever faster.

Contact me and we´ll work it out!

Sean Collier

2010 Sean Collier,40, 
Former professional kick boxer visited one of my seminars in Galway, Ireland. He had started, after his wife insisted for him to do a the less dangerous sport, triathlon, instead of kickboxing. But he needed to learn to swim. A month later he joined one of my camps on Tenerife and after the camp he started on my online training program. He swam the 100m freestyle in 1.30  when he came to my first camp. In November 2012 he swam 1500m freestyle in 19 minutes and 47 seconds. An average of 1.19 per 100m! You can do it too. Making swimming your "easy and fun" event!

Ingeborg von Schleswig-Holstein enjoyed private lessons in Hamburg.